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and creates a whole host of other problems, when your PA says it will not run the MS office CD....

Old boss of mine used to run that line of bull waaaaay back in 2011. Pissed him off no end when I grabbed a Linux disk, had the OS installed inside 20 minutes on a blank machine (all drivers etc done, full office suite, can play media without having to download extras unlike certain OS's), and then grabbed Office 2010 and installed that in the system without (as he insisted) having to install extra bits of special software or spending hours doing special configurations. All this was done in front of someone he was proudly running Linux down to. While we were talking over things and I was distracted doing my normal job and looking after other customers.

Poor guy. Couldn't run it down any further when I showed the customer it would more than meet their needs.

(Customer I still see often.. Old boss - and his business- long gone)

BTW, how far back in time are you stretching for this? MS Office CD?????

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