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Oh well yet another large company p0n3d my data

This is a little bit boring. Honestly you would have thought lessons were learnt from other large companies losing customer data. There were lots of signs before this happened i.e. an increase in the number of fake talktalk phishing calls customers were receiving (yes I was one of them).

Now I have yet another company telling me my data has been lost to who knows who. Would be nice if they could lose a license to ISP or something. Then have to go through a stringent set of checks before they were allowed to ISP again - footing the bill to transfer their customers to other more competent ISPs until they were relicensed. This would definitely put these companies off skimping on security! Probably only get a small fine which isn't much of an incentive for not stopping this kind of thing in the future.

On the plus side the phishing call I received did amused me:

Scamguy: Hello this is talktalk there is a problem with your router

Me: Sorry that's absolute rubbish, let’s start again, you say you are from talktalk yes?

Scamguy: You are stupid <hangs up>

(Yes I phoned talktalk to check it wasn't them)

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