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"NetApp has been losing market share,”

Article: “While the majority of new customer sales are cDOT, the transition is taking years, with many customers not wanting or needing to move to clustered Data Ontap. During this transition, NetApp has been losing market share,”

Disclosure – Netapp Employee Here. While I agree that there is focus on conversion to CDOT here at NetApp, of course it is going to take years. Storage is a 5+ -year investment and for all of NetApp customers to cycle through a tech refresh from 7-mode to CDOT would theoretically take five years, so I don’t see how that is a negative, this stuff takes time, not different that EMC Clarion to VNX or Symmetrix to VMAX. In fact I just replaced a 7-year old Clarion with FAS this week. Customers hang on to old stuff for a long time if it is working for them. In regards to “NetApp has been losing market share” I am not sure where that is coming from. According to IDC in “Open Networked Market Share” NetApp is only down 0.5, yes one half of a percent in the past year whereas EMC is down 2% in the same period of time. EMC doesn’t have a CDOT transition, so why are they down 4 x as much as NetApp in the same space? IMO the declines in revenue are due to having to compete with the likes of Nimble and Pure who are selling at a loss, or in the case of Pure this month, giving controllers away for free to gain customers. Net is the statement “During this transition, NetApp has been losing market share” makes it sound like the sky is falling at NetApp. If -0.5% is sky falling at NetApp what is -2% at EMC? Armageddon?

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