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And whose kit did they buy to help protect themselves?

It always astounds me that when companies are hit by hackers or suffer a breach of security, the vendors whose products they bought to protect themselves never fall under the spotlight.

IT Security is huge business, with vendors falling over themselves to offer the most upto date firewalls and intrusion protection, etc. It's a bit like buying a car for its NCAP safety rating, driving it down the road, being hit by another car, only to find out the airbags don't work. Obviously, hackers are always one step ahead but what's the point of buying this stuff if it don't work?

So whose products were TT using then? Most know it to be Trend, but in TT Business, they also use, or used to use Huawei I believe. A guy I know was part of the TT account team at Huawei and told me about 3 years ago that TT had bought a load of their high end stuff, Huawei even installed an office in Manchester (I think it was) to support them, run by Chinese nationals of course. I moved my account to BT shortly afterwards, good decision I think.....

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