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@alcalde You make some good points and then spoil it with the Dawkins Effect - taking a good argument and extrapolating it into areas in which you have either no evidence or no knowledge.

I've worked in the Delphi arena for 18 years, previously with many other languages from assembler through Cobol, Coral 66, C and C++. Today, Delphi is one of the main tools I use, along with some PHP and Javascript, and still some C++ and C#. Of all the Delphi developers I've known or met in those 18 years, only one has been exclusively Delphi. I've no idea what circles you move in, but to suggest that the majority of Delphi developers have never used a different language is either naive, or taken from a limited personal view. Even if we combine our two personal views, it suggests that at least 50% of Delphi developers have worked in multiple languages (and there are many flaws in that logic too).

I also suspect that you have absolutely no knowledge of whether Facebook, Google et al use Delphi and are simply adding this in to support your argument. Unless of course you've worked for both of them so can vouch for this. Now, I'm quite prepared to believe that they don't use Delphi, but I certainly have no knowledge as fact. It was reported some time ago that MS do indeed have some in-house Delphi stuff in use, whether ingested from an external source or created inhouse. This doesn't surprise me at all - both companies were in the market of supplying development tools.

Similarly, I believe you have little knowledge of the current real-world use of Delphi in mainstream industries. From personal experience, and with evidence, I can tell you that 85% of all commercial radio stations in the UK and Ireland are being run with some currently developed and supported Delphi systems. Without them, there would be no advertisements on radio (I'll let you pick that one up....). One of the largest insurance companies uses Delphi for its endowment policy management system. And I've bumped into Delphi in use in some quite surprising areas during my many years of working in radio, manufacturing and hospital systems.

But your basic message - that Delphi is less popular that Python - is, IMV, sound. So don't spoil a good message for a ha'porth of tar - just focus on the key message and leave out the Dawkins Effect as you're much more likely to avoid the inevitable backlash. Unless that's what you were trying to garner?

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