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This is IMHO a criminal act. Jail time beconing?

What do you reckon? AFAIK there's no offence of "criminal stupidity" or "corporate incompetence". They'll report themselves to the ICO, but even if the ICO opens an investigation and then fines them, he can only levy penalties up to half a million quid. Last year Ms Harding's remuneration was a tad short of seven million quid, so she wouldn't notice if the ICO fine was the maximum allowed, and she had to pay it herself. Enjoy that thought when the scammers are pestering you on the phone, or applying for credit in your name.

As chief executive, the buck stops with her, and the board nominations and audit committees for their collective failure to appoint the right IT people, and to keep data safe. But who really thinks these useless fat cats will be held to account?

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