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Extract of email sent to TalkTalk 26.8.15

Email sent to Divya "" <>

"I write regarding the phone conversation I had with you a few minutes ago concerning my client who was scammed yesterday by a caller purporting to represent TalkTalk. His number appeared on the CallerId as 00123456789 and he spent the whole afternoon from about 2pm to nearly 6pm on the phone. He said that he was going to charge £168.68 for a new router which would be delivered today between 9.45am and 10am because the router was causing problems on the line (see receipt below). He used TeamViewer to take control of my client's pc and who knows what information he managed to extract from it - I have recommended to my client..."

"As I mentioned to you, it would be helpful to all of your clients if you send out a letter explaining how to guard against this kind of thing happening to them because this is not the first instance of this scam occurring that I have had to deal with. The fact is that these scammers know quite positively that the number they are ringing has a TalkTalk account associated with it, together with the name of the account holder. IMHO it is NOT a coincidence that they randomly hit on this information, and I don't have this problem with clients of mine using other company's lines, it is specific to TalkTalk. Somewhere within the TalkTalk organasition you have someone who has access to this information that is passing it on to these fraudsters."

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