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- with regard to your unsupported assertion that economics is a science. I put it to you that economics is a game; it's the non-virtual version of Sim City, in essence. It consists of a set of arbitrary rules subject to change at the whim of a small subset of the particpants in the game (most of whom to quote the saying can't win, can't get ahead of the game and aren't allowed to quit) and is essentially chaotic. It isn't event chaotic in the way that a deterministic system like Newtonian mechanics is (eg:the rotation of Hyperion (Saturn VII) for q simple example - the stability of the planetary orbits in our solar system for a more complex one) as chunks of it are essentially down to individuals betting on each others emotions, which are of course unpredictable.

Economics is a trade, it's accountancy writ large, it can be regarded as a kind of a game, but a science?! That's a laughable conceit, IMO. If you insist that it is a science I want to see your grounds for believing so, not simple assertion of something that so far as I (and many others here, it would seem) can see is patently ludicrous.

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