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Millions of people forget to cancel Apple Music subscription

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My mileage certainly does vary from yours and the OP, but that's OK. This isn't a "My preferences are better than yours" thing.

I don't listen to music all the time and like to actually sit down and listen to something, so music IS high on my list of priorities and I can afford $10 a month but just begrudge giving it to Apple (or anyone else) for something I have little use for. If I'm going to give away a tenner I'd like to give it to someone who needs it more than Apple does.

If I want something new then there's always the radio: BBC 6 Music has some "John Peel Lite" shows that are worth listening to. Still miss Peely.Or even use that tenner to buy some music mags occasionally and read some reviews the retro way. Or read The Quietus. (Note: If anyone is tempted to try Joanna Newsome based on the rave reviews she gets then do try to listen for free first: I've never heard anything so hideous as her off tune voice. She sounds like a tone deaf three year old girl who's been drinking helium infused beer. Horrible Horrible Horrible...OTOH Lindsay Fuller and The Cheap Dates, is wonderful - go get her "You, Anniversary" immediately. Cruelly unappreciated.)

The rest of the time I like to listen to the silence in the woods and the voices in my head telling me "That bit of code is crap. Re-write it."

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