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>>"These are far more complicated, whether they are 'easier' or 'harder' to work with depends entirely on what you are used to and whether you know how to use the facilities correctly"

No it doesn't "depend entirely" in what you are used to. A pretty massive component of hiw easy or hard it is to work with them depends on what you use them FOR.

UNIX permissions are simple and adequate for basic scenarios. They can be made to work for more complex scenarios with a lot of expertise and a tolerance for people emailing you every other day to say such and such needs to be added to this group or the other for some obscure reason. A proper system if ACLs is what you want for any moderately complex environment however. Easy management of nested groups and hierarchical, trickle down permissions is a basic requirement for a capable permissions system. Amongst others.

These are not things that "depend entirely" on which you are most familiar with. I don't see your part about inodes having any bearing on this, either.

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