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What's the problem? Apple is only giving three months for free, after that you have to pay. That's not the same situation as IE killing Netscape at all, where not only did the free IE kill Netscape's revenue (it used to be free for home use, but businesses had to pay) but Microsoft went out of their way to kill it in other ways - not just integrating it into the OS, but making it the default browser and making it impossible to change that, and corrupting the web with non-standard IE extensions so pages didn't look right on anything but IE. Oh yeah, Microsoft had over 95% of the desktop market, versus Apple having less than 20% of the smartphone market.

Wake me up when Apple makes Apple Music free forever and kills Spotify and Pandora on iOS (which wouldn't hurt them that bad, considering Android has like 80% of the market) and when they convince artists to make music that only sounds good when played on an iPhone. Only then will the situations be the same.

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