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Roger Mew

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Most radio amateurs can use a radio and build one. It is so farcical that the writer ought to be ashamed of themselves. The device is just a low powered wide band focused radio transmitter. The signal is just a radio transmission that MAY cover the frequency of operation. However, anybody that is a little sharp will build the TX /RX to use several frequencies and then as the frequency chopping hand held low power TX changes frequencies the drone picks its signal up from another frequency.

Supposingly someone has put this out to "frighten" users, well there you are users and drone builders you know what to do. In fact if you really want to be clever then run a few kilowatts at a SHF and the drone will not even be affected.

Do the people who write this drivel really think that a military drone in say Iraq being controlled by someone in say France can be stopped by a two penny halfpenny wide band low power transmitter.

It may work on model aircraft type specs, but not on real drones.

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