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All TVs sold in the UK with flat panels have 60 Hz native panels. The image processing chip inside is internally interpolating the broadcast 50 Hz content to the panel's native refresh rate, irrespective of how you supply it with signal.

You need to spend orders of magnitude more - £3k, £6k - to get a panel which can natively run at 24, 25, 30 Hz (i.e, frames per second) without poorly done image processing. These are usually Grade 1 or Grade 2 broadcast panels like Sony's BVM and PVM series of broadcast monitors.

If you consider the image processing capable by a decent consumer GPU, versus the limited horsepower in your TV's silicon, I'd rather watch TV through my GPU (which I do thanks to an HDMI cap card) than watch it straight through the telly. TVs often do a a cheap bob deinterlace to get it to 50 Hz too, and then interpolate to 60.

And then, even being fed 50i, they can still go nuts and momentarily show progressive frames (which is incredibly jarring to watch when it happens) because it thinks it's showing film (25psf) content, until the image processing realises its mistake and reverts to TFF interlaced video.

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