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"You OBVIOUSLY do not understand the problem!"

Well it's a good thing then we have someone like you who does. Except of course that what they are actually trying to protect is that portion of the 5Ghz band (if your router only does 2.4GHz stuff, the FCC's new stuff doesn't even care about you) that some... ugh... bright spark both left open for unlicensed use and also employed as a weather radar band. Routers using that band are supposed to continuously listen for radar chirps and if they receive any they must back off and stay the fuck off that channel; existing routers in that band already contain code that takes care of this. Apparently, some alternative stuff makes it possible to hose that functionality and apparently some clueless people managed to turn it off resulting in nicely "shadowed-in" sectors like this - that's what they're so pissed about.

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