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You OBVIOUSLY do not understand the problem!

What the FCC wants to insure is that equipment meant ro operate in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz ISM band does not stray OUT of that band, or is modded to operate with a power level inconsistent with the designated use of that band.

Can you imagine the problems created if someone figured out a way to crank up the TX power of a WiFi router to crank out 10x or even 20x the allowed power output. These devices are designed for a range of less than a 100 meters, imagine the problems if that range can be extended to 1000 meters by a simple SOFTWARE tweak? Every worthless sob would be tweaking their kit to get the max range, and suddenly the number of competing networks at a single location would climb, which would cause serious interference problems.

Also consider that the allowed ISM frequencies in US kit may not allow some frequencies allowed elsewhere, and software limits those frequencies in use. If a simple SOFTWARE mod would open up those frequencies not allowed in the US to be used, then the users of adjacent spectrum face potential interference.

I have no objection to allowing access to improve the overall functionality of WiFi kit, but you must not be able to fuck with the RF portion of the kit.

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