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In 2015, your Windows PC can be owned by opening a spreadsheet

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Just proves that Windows is an insecure platform. Software programmers make lots of mistakes. After all these years you would of thought Microsoft would know how to program their OS safely and securely. Their office suite is just as bad. For example you should NEVER be able to take control of a PC via a web browser. If you can there is something fundamentally wrong in the design of the OS. Sandboxing doesn't work!!

I like the way IT people blame users, but seriously software programming and OS's are not up to scratch for consumers to use safely and securely. To have to download gigabytes of patches every month just to "fix" the OS and Office is proof of their failure.

Furthermore TCP/IP needs to be replaced as it is not really secure. Network devices relying on plain text MAC addresses to communicate is pretty backward.

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