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" If the kernel can map the address space of the device into the virtual addresses space of the userland process there is no reason why the HW shouldn't be accessed from userland."

That may depends on the device in question.

If the device has read access to data that its owning process shouldn't see, or write access to data its owning process shouldn't be able to write, then the user process ends up able to do things it shouldn't be able to do. IE system integrity is compromised.

Example: device has a register which contains e.g. a DMA start address which is used to store data received from (or sent to) the network. This is likely a *physical* address, ie data at that address may not belong to the userland process. See a problem with that?

" Interrupts however are a different matter. I doubt you can safely run userland code from the ICS."

Why not? So long as the interrupt is initially fielded by the OS itself, which does the necessary memory protection changes etc so the userland code can't access anything it shouldn't? If the userland code gets stuck in a loop, that would be inconvenient but it hasn't totally compromised system integrity, although it is a potential DoS attack, which is why this facility should only be available to an approved subset of applications.

Cite: connect-to-interrupt (CINT$) on RSX, VMS, and maybe others. Ask any decent dinosaur,

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