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When most (all?) TV panels and their image processing run natively at 60 Hz, and all these widgets also output at 60 Hz... Just let one device do the fps resampling.

My 60 Hz-native Samsung TV (admittedly old, but a good quality panel) does horrible things if you feed it 25 or 50 Hz, so it only gets fed by a PC through HDMI at 60 Hz. The NVIDIA GPU does an excellent job of interpolating iPlayer content.

Resampling 50 -> 60 is easier than 60 -> 50 (+1 frame every 100 ms will be almost imperceptible...) I don't imagine pixel rise/fall lag can even really keep up with that unless you have a VERY expensive panel.

I don't even think graphics cards do it this way anyway, a decent GPU should utilise some form of frame interpolation. TBH I'd rather have my GPU do this than my TV.

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