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Delphi is not more widely used than many people think - it's less widely used than the few Delphi diehards tell themselves (with no numbers or facts). You have to be kidding that Delphi is as popular as Python. Python is the #1 teaching language now, surpassing Java, for CS 101 at top schools. Pascal was out of schools between '98-'99. found that Python was the only language in its top 10 list of most sought-after tech skills, and it was also narrowly the highest paid developer language for job ads that posted salaries. It powers everything from Mercurial to Dropbox and continues to grow.

Earlier research showed Delphi was #34 for new projects at Github in 2012 and #39 in 2013. I crunched the numbers myself and found it was at #44 for 2014. I've also crunched numbers myself and found that Python's repository adds more packages/libraries in one year than Delphi's repository,, did in all the years of its existence! I've also crunched Stack Overflow numbers and shown that Delphi questions, as a percentage of total questions asked, has been on the decline almost since Stack Overflow began.

I also crunched the numbers from Stack Overflow's developer survey this very evening. Out of 26,087 respondents, only 121 replied that their primary tools include Delphi or Pascal. That's just under 1/2 of one percent.

I'm an outcast from the Delphi community because I actually seek facts rather than worship it like a religion. Please don't go around claiming that Delphi is as popular as Python or that it's the sixth most used language. It only makes Delphi developers look foolish.

Delphi users are a tiny minority and most are using it solely to maintain legacy software. No international company uses it for internal infrastructure projects, which is often considered a mark that a language has "made it" into the big league. When Google or Facebook or Twitter code in Delphi, then you can talk about it being a major player.

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