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World's oldest person scoffs daily ration of bacon

Amorous Cowherder

Hey look I'm not going to mock someone who's lived for over century, bloody good luck to them if they've done it. However I'd be happy to die after my three-score-and-ten having lead a good life, ending happy with a smile on my face, naked and in the arms of my wife suffering a massive coronary after we've just made love for the 4th time that day! Ha ha!

I'd hate to reach 105, being pushed around in a wheel chair by strangers 'cos I've outlived my kids and been dumped in a home, barely able to speak and attempting to moan about the rash I'm getting from having to wear adult nappies 24 hours a day or God forbid tubes up my various output ports. All the time what's left of my extended family desperately try to keep me ticking along right up to my last gasp of oxygen assisted breath just so they could get me in the Guiness Book of Records.

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