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Needs recalculation, TimR.

First of all, bacon hogs average 400 kilos when harvested (mine are, anyway[0]).

This woman grew up in Alabama. They eat streaky bacon, not proper bacon.

The porkbelly is typically around 8 kilos (mine are, anyway). There are two per hog.

The rashers weigh in at about 55g each[1] after curing and smoking, the way I cut.

That's 276 hogs+/-.

Remember, when you only eat one part of an animal you are wasting a great deal of product. Nose to tail is the ONLY way to go. It totally pisses me off when a bridal reception orders skirt-steak, or worse chain meat, for 300 folks. The first kills 75 1800 pound steers for 300 people ... the second kills 150 steers. I try to educate, and suggest beef clod instead (not often seen outside of Texas, but a frequent visitor to my smokehouse ... ). Some folks leave in a huff, but I can deal with it ;-)

[0] My sows are American Yorkshire, the boar is Duroc.

[1] I'm getting breakfast ready for the hands[2], I weighed 10 rashers & averaged.

[2] Two or so days of crush to go, and we can get back to normal.

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