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Ritual condemnation is not sufficient.

What we have here is a case of maliciously installing unwanted software on gazillions of computers, despite the best efforts of Joe user.

I would have thought this was a gazillion offences under the "Misuse of computers" act of 1873 or whatever, justifying a fine of at least a billion dollars per offence, plus similar numbers of arms and legs from top management.

It is probably also a terrorist offence, and the management should be sent strait to Gitmo (or Hell, whichever is cheaper to run). perhaps they could be dropped onto Syria from high orbit.

I run XP to drive some hardware costing £5,000 to replace, with no updated drivers. I turned of the Wifi to avoid updates. Wifi got accidently turned on, and my OS is now overwritten. Unfortunately, the driver disk has gone missing.

There must be huge numbers of people in similar positions.

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