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Porsche-gate: Android Auto isn't slurping tons of engine data, claims Google – but questions remain

Indolent Wretch


Bah, no corporate PR or not.

For a start the statement you've said is shorter and clearer and not given for reasons of evil also contains the term "The Data".

If you read the first part of the google statement it basically states exactly the same as you've said "do not collect the data the Motor Trend article claims" they then use "such as" and give examples. Your clearer shorter statement claims exactly the same thing just doesn't have the examples attached. Providing a subset of examples in no way legally limits the initial statement.

Secondly the opt in statement is written such that it clearly doesn't provide a get out clause to the first one. "Users opt in to share information with Android Auto that improves their experience" in no way trumps "we do not collect".

The nuance here is the word "collect". I think what Google want to allow is the information to go to the "phone" so that it can be used for fancy displays and other apps, eco-driving-assist app for instance. When Google says they don't "collect" that normally means that even if they've got it it will not be sent to the cloud and won't be saved on any database.

Thirdly, the phone has got my GPS location, my contacts, the data of all my texts, emails and phone calls, and a run down of my awful taste in music. Why the hell should I care if they know what my oil temperature is, I can think of plenty of reasons why I might want them to know.

This is all about Porsche being scared of competition, nothing else. However then despite that wariness they've been blinded by the shiny and trusted Apple instead. Flids.

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