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Big Ed

As A Consumer, I Should Not Be Forced to Pay Twice

I pay my ISP for download bandwidth.

My content provider pays for their bandwidth connection to the Internet; which should theoretically be an aggregate factor of all of their customers.

1-paid for bit down 1-paid for bit recieved - an equalibrium exists.

And under true net neutrality, all traffic should be treated equally and routed over the best connections available at the time. There are plenty of well established protocol standards to do that.

It seems all this complainant is saying is that it's Internet traffic should not be purposefully routed over slower connections. And it appears that TWC is purposefully putting CNS traffic on slower connections.

And TWC is saying that even though you paid once for your bandwidth to the internet, CNS needs to pay a higher fee to get taken off the purposefully slower connections. That means that CNS has to pay more, and consequently charge me more; in essense, I now need to pay twice; once for my BW, and once again to CNS,so that they can pay the TWC tax to be taken off slow connections.

Thanks FCC for the nice screwjob; too bad you, TWC, and payolla lobbyists are the only ones to enjoy it.

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