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Google Chromecast 2015: Puck-on-a-string fun ... why not, for £30?


I bought a chromecast despite having a windows phone (so no native support) and amazon prime (which might be getting binned as they won't play nicely) simply because it does not have a remote.

Watching my father in law trying to find a youtube video via his apply tv remote (right x 4, click, down, left x 2, click, down x 2, right x 2, click - and that's 3 letters entered) I realised being able to type words using that omni-present smart phone was the better way to control a TV box.

For £30 it was my little geeky treat/toy and it's been fine casting youtube videos from the honestly brilliant Tubecast app. It's been worth the £30 for the few hours peace and quiet from the Kids I've got courtesy of stampylongnose and friends. More recently we've added a Tesco Hudl2 to the house and obviously the number of apps we can cast from has increased. Still use tubecast for youtube - the native android one is awful! Can't imagine going back to left, click, down, right, click.

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