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Recently bought myself one of the last batch of Lenovo Helix-A systems for 500€ (gen 3 i5/4GB/128GBSSD) as a replacement for my privat tablet pc. Similar design and for my usage pattern more than good enough. Basically a "digital notepad" with Journal or OneNote. Won out over a Surface/Pro 3 due to price and LACK of a retina display(1) and over the Surface/3 due to bigger screen and WACOM.

In my usage pattern the CPU generally runs at 800MHz and the two batteries easily get me 9h of usage. Good enough for a workday without charger. Works nicely under Win8.1 and MiraCast is VERY useful. OTOH if I NEED power - the old beast even runs Lightroom 5 (Pictures on an external USB-3 SSD) resonably fast for "on site/in holliday" work

(1) Font scaling outside MS Software is still a "hit and miss" and without the pixels are to fine. 1920x1080 OTOH on 11.6'' are "just fine".

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