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Lenovo Helix-A and Helix-B - basically the same approach and price tag. The A sold so well that Lenovo did a complete overhaul (Broadwell CPU IIRC). And some of their Yogas while classic "convertibles" play in the same field/use case (Notebook that can be a tablet pc)

Fujitsu Q70x and T70x/T90x series. The Q is close to the book, the Ts are classic convertibles now in the 4th generation.

HP just (re)entered the segment with a range of units in their business line (not commonly seen in the greater retail shops) in that price range.


If one wants a "resonable" priced Win/x86 tablet pc that can run rings around iThingys and Fandroids the Atom-Based units will provide that below 1000€. Again from quite a few companies (Surface/3, ThinkpadTablet, Q5xxx, Dell Venue, HP has some) with capabilities that ultimately even a Note-Series Andy or an iThingy Pro can not match since they lack the support software and "no cloud / company operated cloud" option (OneNote Application, Sharepoint Server etc)

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