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It will likely run but why pay around 200€ for hardware that you can not use due to total lack of drivers and/or support software. Similar units without NTrig Digitiser exist or will soon come out if you need Skylake. And they will likely be either cheaper or offer options that this one lacks (user changeable battery etc)

Fair point. This is why I'm asking. The articles regarding the Surface Pro 3 seemed to suggest gaps in the keyboard support and a few other areas.

Often it's just a matter of time before these things get reverse engineered. I'm typing this on a 2008-model MacBook which has reverse engineered drivers for the nVidia chipset (including GPU, Ethernet) and Broadcom WiFi.

It has its quirks, but works fine most of the time. Good enough for my needs at home. It did alright as a work computer too, just the lack of USB ports drove me nuts and triggered me to buy the Toughbook that I now use there.

I'm not sure what the WiFi module is in the Surface devices, but they mention Intel graphics (except for dock which is nVidia) that have historically had a good track record for support in Linux. Touchscreen/stylus would be the other sticking-point, but as I say, often this is temporary, especially if the manufacturer is open to assisting a driver effort. (e.g. Wacom actually write the Linux driver for their devices.)

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