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Re: Works great on the few things that support it, BUT

Ultraviolet is a mess.

According to the UV website, I have 21 UV titles. Flixster says 20 and Blinkbox 18

Of those, two or three can be cast from Flixster. I can plug a HDMI cable into my laptop and watch the film on my TV, but, I can't send it from my laptop to my TV over wifi.

Two of the missing Blinkbox titles are available to buy or rent from them, but, they can't let me watch them via my UV account.

The studios obviously want me to pay in order to watch films I have already paid for, in order to watch how I want. What happens in reality is that I rip the DVD to my NAS and watch it on my TV via Chromecast, or on any PC, my phone or tablet, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Strange how NAS manufacturers can provide a service that is far better than UV can.

As for PS3 v Chromecast, I use iPlayer a lot, and the app on my phone is far better than the PS3 version.

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