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Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop


The controls change depending on the mode you set. And unlike Win8.1 you can set this "per maschine" on the same (synced) account. Using W10 on two test boxes (Tower w Dual Monitors, elder Asus Tablet PC) with one set to "Desktop" the other to "Tablet". And each keeps the setting (W8.1 was "last configured wins). Since the Surface/x86 units have a inductive digitizer you can even use "Desktop" on them easily, the sytlus is more precise than the mouse (And NTrig is a tad more precise than Wacom on the corners)

Color scheme is "some like, some do not". Since I have set all boxes up to Win7 to the "NT4" look and danced a jig on Aeros grave (after watering it with recycled beer) I am in the former group.

Based on experience with similar units (Lenovo Helix for example) - the connector is not a problem. Nothing new actually, similar sytems exist from a number of companies. And looking at the other Surface/x86 systems - they are quite sturdy, the main known problem are scratches.

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