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"I guess this is why a number of websites now only allow upvotes and "flag for abuse". "

I love that El Reg allows both up and downvotes. Sure, sometimes people downvote for no reason at all, and sometimes they downvote because they didn't understand what you wrote. But many times they downvote because they don't agree with you, and very often in these cases the downvoter will post to explain why.

Sure it leads to some slanging matches, but on the whole the discourse on El Reg is fairly civil compared to some other web platforms. And in any case much better than having only 'Like' as an option leading to artificial lovefests of "Ooh look I have 1000 'like's " with the naiveté of not realising that you might have had 10,000 'dislikes' if only there were such a button.

Downvote keeps it real

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