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Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop

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As an exceptionally proud owner of a surface 3 pro this is really great to hear. how many suppliers and customers have marvelled at my sleek device as i whip up visual studio, connect 2 monitors, and write and debug code in their office. i must have sold a 50 or more on this alone. imagine building the next generation media server anywhere and everywhere on any network and not even notice the immense compute power slung into a couple pounds in your bag. put it in tablet mode and you might as well be carrying a piece of technical paper around with you, again a sight to behold and marvel at. an amazing device, i shall not hesitate (when win 10 is actually ready) to take the next upgrade.

p.s yes i did upgrade it to win 10 and in the same day downgraded. but there is no faulting the hardware they made (save a few hiccups which hopefully they ironed out in surface 4 - i believe they have since most of mine disappeared in the last firmware update) and the stuff that ms makes which does work for sure packs every dollar spent into my own super amplified productivity.

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