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'Wireless Transmit Power includes the lovely, lovely option "Ignore Regulatory Limits"'

Regardless of the Regulatory limits (if everyone starts ignoring them, it won't make things better), boosting the power of the one side of the equation is not always a good thing. There are some Long Range APs that can be used in certain localities, legally, which increase the transmission power. However, if your device has standard range transmission power (most do) it can make things worse. You can end up in a situation where your device sees a nice, healthy signal from the AP. However, the AP doesn't get a nice, strong signal back from the device. So you get drop outs, the 'can't connect massage', 'can't get IP address' issue etc.

In the end you struggle to ever know whether you are actually in range or not. This has been a problem with some higher power APs that generally leads to a substandard experience.

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