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Generally speaking, "the public" equates "Sexy/Cool" with what's successful - it's comforting to know that you haven't made a "bad" choice. I can remember back to when Apple's retail efforts were similarly deserted: the one I visited was a fenced-off oasis of calm in a busy Best Buy megastore.

It is nice to see some competition in the market again. The Windows OEMs were too content to rely on bulk corporate purchasing and they've somewhat neglected the personal purchaser. Unless you were a teenager looking for a facebook terminal or a hard-core gamer, there wasn't much of interest in the world of Windows laptops, design-wise.

A Surface 3 or 4 Pro was in line to replace my MacBook Air - these days, I only use MacOS X as a launcher for ssh terminals, Illustrator and assorted text-editors. I'm intrigued by the "Book" model, though, but the lighter Pro4 is probably what I'll go for.

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