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"C level types"?????

This user of the T5 Business Lounge is most certainly not one of them. Especially as I don't fly biz class on business. Strictly cattle class for me. I only get in because I take at least 10 long haul flights a year. (Off to India next week. Was in the US last week)

I get out my MacBook Pro like many others. In my hand baggage is a Windows Laptop for work.

There again, I never work (on business) while I am travelling from A-to-B for work. It is 'me' time.

As I commented last week, the Microsoft Store I walked by had ZERO customers. There were only MS Staff inside. It does not seem to be a place that the general public want to visit unlike the Apple Store less than 100m away. MS is just not Cool/Sexy in the eyes of the public.

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