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Because the T5 business lounge is full of C-suite types who wouldn't know a days productivity if it sent them an email, inviting them to a "getting to know a days productivity" seminar and then danced around their office in a Borat mankini with 'get a load of this productivity' tattooed across their body in 72 point comic sans ms.

They're the type who always have an 'accident' with their current 6 month old iphone as the next model phones are announced, and who need an ipad even though it doesn't have half the apps they need, or connection to the files they want. Because having a Dell or Lenovo ultrabook would mean the other c-suite types would pick on them and call them names and they would look un-cool. And as for asset tagging - the ipad is company property but noooo you can't put a sticker on to that effect!

As for the actual topic on discussion. Some solid looking products there. Good to see the bar being raised again, and look forward to other manufactures launching competing products.

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