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Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop



Can I afford it - no.

But lovely to see something novvel and good out there.

More importantly that announcement came with the sound of a gauntlet slamming onto the floor.

If you prefer the Apple ecosystem that's fine, this isn't for you. If you've bleated that you went with Apple as you didn't mind paying a bit more for a premium product (and my employer seems to have a few higher-management-tools who are running corporate Windows 7 on spendy Apple kit) - think again.

Original surface impressed me, but deep down I knew a keyboard cover would never work however lovely it was. The rest of the surface - well maybe I could finally see hitting your fingers on a screen wasn't entirely pointless. This - I could actually do my job with.

Sure I'm in a minority here, actually having liked Windows since it came into existence. Maybe coloured by my parallel game playing throughout - but let me have my moment of oft-denied-fanboy-pride.

My greatest satisfaction is this coming so closely after the iPad Pro...

Please let MS capture the aspirational-wanker crown, before Apple even has a chance to sniff it.

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