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Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop


Interesting direction!

It's very interesting watching Microsoft trying to emulate the Jobsian product demos.

Two observations:

- I'll bet third party OEMs are just slightly more pissed off now that Microsoft is trying to cannibalize the rest of the device market. Tablets are one thing, but it looks like Microsoft is going full-on Apple with regards to hardware.

- If this and the Surface Pro 4 really do catch on, I'm not too hopeful about the future of the PC as we know it. This will just be another vendor selling a locked-down product with no customization and no access to anything other than their Store once they finish. At least they're still putting ports and SD slots on these things, but one wonders how much longer until they start charging $300 for 32 GB of extra soldered-in non-upgradeable flash memory.

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