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Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop

Shane Sturrock

Nice hardware, but Windows 10..... I just 'upgraded' my desktop Windows 7 box to Win 10 and even after installing Classic Shell to get rid of the horror that is the new start thing, the OS is still terrible. Big fat controls to be finger friendly, and I'm not on a touch screen machine so yuck, and the whole interface colour scheme style is painfully flat and ugly no matter how I set it. I can't believe I actually miss aero but at least it had some depth.

I don't think Apple needs to worry too much as MS isn't making a dent in the high price device market that Apple sits in and I bet that this machine will turn out to be fragile compared with a MacBook Pro which can take a serious beating and still keep on trucking. The ability to turn a laptop into a tablet isn't worth the danger of it turning permanently into a tablet because the connector fails.

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