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The entire internet experience is rapidly tumbling down the loo. Like every other commercial enterprise, websites are spending much more effort attempting to get more revenue from their product vs. spending to actually improve the product. Spend as little as possible and gather more and more revenue, as much as possible, is the mantra, delivered by their staff MBA's, of every commercial website.

Pop-ups and pop-backs, and overlays, and drop-downs, and unwanted videos, and animated gif's and more and more and more. If newspapers had slapped you in the face with adverts at every turn like the web does, they would have gone out of business a hundred years before they did. Go to any non-commercial or non-advert-supported website and see how stunningly fast the site loads and appears compared to ANY commercial website as it makes dozens of trips to other url's sending and receiving data and taking down metrics and accessing cookies on your machine and then gathering ad content from dozens of other servers all over the planet, and then spends multiple more seconds organizing, rendering, and finally displaying all the ads and commercials and other crap.

The whole thing is about to stink way too much. I have completely abandoned many sites I used to like.

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