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I've noticed in a couple of articles about Uber that a swarm of downvoters seems to descend. Who they?? Black Cab drivers? Didn't think they could read, let alone interwebs stuff. Maybe they hired some lobyist outfits?

Maybe they're people that can see through the spin and the BS ladled out in large spoonfuls by mainly US companies who think that making a buck by totally ignoring local regulations is their God given right?

Uber would not have half the problems it has now if it paid attention to regulation that is there for a good reason, but it has actively attempted to not only bypass them but to tap into the black economy in probably one of the most modern implementations of the Citigroup Plutonomy investment advice ever (recommending to invest either in the very high end or to go for the opposite bottom volume end, which is where Uber plays). It only stopped doing that when it was forced to do so by court order, and even then only grudgingly.

I'd be the first to cry foul over overburdening regulation and pointless red tape, but I am disadvantaged in that I have seen the consequences of their absence. As a normal human being with some compassion for others (with the exception of traffic wardens and people who can't spell) I cannot agree with what Uber is doing, because they're not into "breaking monopolies" and "disruptive evolution" and all those other buzzwords they use. What that river of BS and verbal diarrhoea is trying to camouflage is that they're crooks and have no problem dangerously cutting corners and endanger you to make a fast buck, at least, that's how I see it.

There are other taxi apps that try to play it straight. Uber, in my opinion, is not. Thankfully, lawmakers exist that *are* paying attention, also without the baying of taxi drivers who are paying their dues and are licensed properly (it does help, though :) ).

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