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The Volkswagen saga

It may be apocryphal, but the story was that Lord Weinstock destroyed the TV operation of GEC by demanding that they make sets with "fewer valves" as these were the most expensive parts. In the same way VW may have demanded that their engines meet the emission specifications in the US without increasing the cost; and perhaps some genius discovered a special test mode in the Bosch software and had a bright idea. It is possible that the Board really did not know, just as Weinstock didn't understand that valves were elsewhere being replaced by transistors. But in both cases, it was impossible demands from above that led to the problems. (As I recall in the GEC case they tried to put multiple valves in one envelope, and use the same valve as an LF and an HF amplifier at the same time. But the answer, as for the IC engine, was ultimately going to be to find something better.)

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