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When it comes to Uber and similar services, the issue isn't just self employment - as others have said, many of us have done that for years. But in a lot of cases, it's been the case that people are self employed within specific fields (like journalism, say, or being an electrician) which may have qualifications, skillsets or a need for equipment which serves as a barrier to entry. So, while self employment in that sense can be hard work, it can also be quite rewarding too, both financially and in other ways.

However Uber, Fiverr, People Per Hour and so on are not just about self employment, but casualisation, and sometimes the atomisation of work into ever smaller units. Much as politicians always say "I met someone who was overjoyed to have a zero hours contract, because it fit with their lifestyle," there will be some for whom this model does indeed work, and who will be held up as the poster boys. But there will be a great many for whom it represents nothing more than a decline in wages, standards of living, and security.

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