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I paid for AB!

I paid for Add Block, I've oped out of acceptable.

I have a 30GB limit on my joke "broadband"( 2Mbs^-1) so I'm intolerant of junk. Even here and your probably one of the places I might consider white-listing.

I've been building up DNS list for the things that got through AB for a while, Been using OpenDNS (now Cisco ( ugh?* ) for years as I expect most of you use the reliable for more than just a ping test...

*as the ugh implies it may be time to look and see if the openNIC DNS servers can do what I want I.E. Block things at the DNS level.

Alternative is to create my own. I've ran a DNS server for <2000 domains as part of our Linux hosting.

Create zone&entry in zones.master for DNS record/zone I want to block and point it at a blocked message page so I don't have to wait for time outs.

Then use root hints for anything 'I'm not_"Authoritative" ;)' for.

Next when they are wise to that I guess we start to see add servers lined by IP, then I have to use either routes or ACLs and wait for the time outs.

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