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But! Red! Tape!

Must! Cut! Red! Tape!

Or so goes the refrain from allegedly small business people across the land.

Red! Tape! Stops profits! Red! Tape! Prevents us from hiring people! Red! Tape! Makes us move our factories to China!

I like the Red Tape that keeps someone from starting a lead smelter in my residential neighbourhood.

I like the Red Tape that limits the speed on local streets to 50kmh.

I like the Red Tape that prevents manufacturers from dumping cyanide laced waste into local rivers.

And I'll bet anything that these allegedly hard-done businesses also like the Red Tape that protects their market share, that keeps the CEO from being sued, and prevents their competitor from firebombing their warehouse.

Yes, if it helps me it's "much needed regulation." If it cuts into my profits it's "Red Tape."

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