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Anonymous Coward wrote: "Or is that my fault for not being on a slabby thing?"

This is point of concern to me; I do not have a "slabby thing" either - I do not have a need for one and I do not wish to incur the expense of having and using one. At the same time the world seems to be sliding inexorably towards a position where anything approaching a "normal* life" cannot be lived without one. If Uber (or the Uber model) takes over then trying to source a taxi or minicab by telephone will become increasingly hard or impossible.

Why should anyone, particularly the elderly or those for whom there are other priorities than fondleslabs, have to face up to the possibility that without one life is becoming just too difficult?

*I know that "normal life" is a very subjective experience and therefore opinions about what "normality" is will vary, but my version of normality does not require having a 'phone of any description clamped to my ear all day or fondling it with a thumb between pointless 'phone calls.

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