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"I think the value is from all those types with money"

Interest rates are very low indeed and the Stock Market is jittery due to (a) China (b) Saudi Arabia and (c) Russia, with a big helping of HFT.

So investors are looking for things which promise high rates of return if enough air can be pumped into the bubble. Most of the Internet companies are bubble companies. The big guys covertly buy promotion for them, the shares go up, they get out before the inevitable crash, money transferred to their pockets, done.

There is one really big not quite a bubble company whose business model will last until its competitors finally get their act together on service, which could be several years yet, and during this time the snake oil merchants keep pointing to the other bubble companies and saying "this will be the next bowl of fruit". And people with money who are upset that it is only returning 1% or so believe them.

I have a relative, an extremely nice man, who has never quite got the idea that if someone offers you an investment which is guaranteed to return over 5% the correct response is to contact the Fraud Squad. There are many like him, and while that continues there will always be an Ueber. And a Peeple.

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