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"the handful of malware that can infect droids is better than what we'd have if Microsoft had Android's market share"

Not sure if that's true. Not that I'm any fan of WinPhone but Microsoft certainly improved their security stance in Windows after going through the wringer time and again. Is it perfect? No. But it's far more responsive than it once was.

This is a lesson Google should have learned and after the first Stagefright debacle, the first and primary feature of Marshmallow should have been a cohesive update system, even if that meant delaying its release. Simply put, this is that important! My phone (LG G3) still hasn't seen a patch for SFv1. That's not critical since I can turn off MMS and ignore anything from unknown senders (which I tend to do anyway, now I just have a better excuse). This new exploit is critical since everyone wants to throw videos on their webpages.

Much as I've been a fan of Android, this could be a market killer for it.

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