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I didn;t say one durned thing about outcome with regard to the NHS. That isn;t, believe it or not, the only metric by which people judge it, although it is, of course, an important one. What I had in mind was that if I needed to see a GP, I could pretty much walk in and be seen that day wiithin a reasonable time. If I needed dental treatment it'd be sorted out in a timely manner.

Contrast today, where you have to be extremely lucky to be seen same day by a GP. As for dentistry, I'm in a situation of needing two back molars removed. I was told that the dentist could try to pullthem, but there's a good chance they'd break, in which case I'd have to wait a couple of weeks for an appointment at a dental hospital. Not relishing the idea of possibly having to cope for a fortnight with broken teeth, I' asked if there were any other options. Yes, go private, I was told. So I asked how much, was told an amount I dould JUST afford, so I asked if this could be arranged. Three weeks later and I haven't even yet received an appointment for the consultant that I apprently have to see before I'm sent an appointment for the actual dentistry.

I'm confident that the outcome will be fine - it's the process of getting to the outcome that I have issues with. I'm also highly critical of just about every governemnt there's been since I was a child for failing to manage public expectation of the NHS, as well as privatisation by stealth and the murdering of morale that's occurred within the NHS. (Not to mention the recent discovery that some folk hired from overseas may have been fibbing about their credientials - how in hell is it that they don't have adequate checks about the competence of those they employ?!)

Also, I should perhaps have stated more clearly - I havent; heard enough about Corbyn's lot because Life (TM) has been taking up too much of my time to pay close attention to politics. But my point stands - if Corbyn & co are coming out with unpleasant crap, then it'll make them a good target of opportunity for the other parties. Debate will be had, and it'll make the point as to why unpleasant crap shouldn;t be implemented. If they come up with good ideas, the other parties would have to justify why NOT to do them.

Contrast with the last couple of decades where it's been nigh on impossible to tell parties apart in practice, causing a worrying decline in public engagement with politics. In short - Corbyn's lot simply being radically different to Camerons is, IMO No Bad Thing because it may produce more lively debate. It;d be even better if they happen to know what they;re talking about and have some good ideas, but this is politicians we're talking about here, I don;t hold out too much hope.

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