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Tim Worstal wrote: Houses are not expensive, land is not expensive, land with permissions to build upon is grossly expensive. It the planning that costs the cash therefore.

I assume that you mean "houses are not expensive to build, which isn't quite the same thing.

There is a plot of land adjacent to Commswonk Castle, smaller in area than our patch and all the others on the road. It was offered for sale at offers over £40k, which to my way of thinking puts it out of the "not expensive" bracket. Admittedly it had outline planning permission with it, along with a chunk of money allocated for Community Infrastructure Levy"; doubtless when a full planning application is submitted another chunk of money will be required for the same reason.

I strongly suspect that the "grossly expensive" applied to land with planning permission is a function of the CIL element, which is little more than a mandatory bribe to the local authority. I often wonder just how much the cost of housing is a function of this front - loading of new build costs.

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